How To Reduce Your Weekly Food Bill

Meal Planning Could Save You £50 a Week!

Looking for ways to trim your weekly shop without sacrificing taste or nutritious meals? You’ve landed in the right place! With smart meal planning and a few simple strategies, you could save up to £50 a week off your food bills, and we’re here to tell you how.

Why Preparation is Key

When it comes to the supermarket shop, preparation is key. By planning each day’s meals in advance and making a comprehensive shopping list for your weekly meal plan, you avoid impulse purchases and ensure every item bought has a purpose. This simple step can save you a surprising amount of money over time.

Smart Ingredient Choices

Choosing the right ingredients can have a major impact on your weekly food costs. Consider buying frozen fruit and frozen vegetables, which are just as nutrient-dense as their fresh counterparts and often cheaper. Similarly, opting for locally sourced, seasonal, and even wonky fruit and veg can save pennies and reduce waste.

Think about using the same ingredients across multiple meals that week. Buying those store cupboard ingredients in larger quantities will help save money, and you can cook meals in a big batch, portion it up, and freeze the rest for future meals.

The Benefits of Cutting Out Meat

Reducing the amount of meat you eat can also make a significant difference to your food bill. Consider going meat-free for a couple of days a week. You’ll be saving money and discover a whole new world of delicious vegetarian and vegan meals.

Eliminating Food Waste

Food waste is a huge contributor to an inflated food bill. Save up to £60 a month off your food bill by freezing leftovers for future meals. Soups, stews, and smoothies are all great ways to use up leftover produce before it goes bad and also reduce household food waste.

Free apps like Olio and Too Good to Go are also worth exploring. They offer food that supermarkets would otherwise have to throw out, helping you save money and reduce food waste. All you have to do is sign up and collect!

Supermarket Savvy

Don’t overlook the potential savings offered by supermarket loyalty schemes. Some schemes can help you save up to £10 per 100 points. If you frequently shop at the same supermarket, these savings can quickly add up.

Also, keep an eye out for yellow stickers in supermarkets. These items are usually reduced by up to 75% between 6-9pm, offering a fantastic way to save money on perfectly good food that just happens to be nearing its sell-by date.

The Bottom Line

Reducing the weekly food bill doesn’t mean you have to cut back on flavour or nutrition. By planning meals around budget-friendly, nutrient-dense foods like vegetables and whole grains, you can enjoy delicious and healthy meals without breaking the bank. Not only does meal planning help reduce food costs on your weekly shop, but it also reduces food waste, contributes to a balanced diet, and saves time in the kitchen. So, start planning your meals today and enjoy the multiple benefits it offers!

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